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Click. Print. Colour. Learn! is a growing project that aims to make exploring Canada fun. We have over 200 free colouring pictures & activities, photographs and videos of "the Great White North". From historical figures and places to sports, flowers, flags and even maps to help with homework, there is a colouring picture for every budding artist. Click on the colouring pages links on the left or go straight to the master list. Colourcanada has adult colouring pictures too!

A big piece of ice has been making the news over the last few weeks. Off the coast at Ferryland, Newfoundland and Labrador an iceberg has drifted down iceberg alley from the arctic and is entertaining tourists and internet tourists alike. In celebration of this annual event click on the picture and colour away. If you have a favourite Canadian image send us your idea and we'll make a colouring picture just for you.

Now go ahead and colourcanada!

Spring has Sprung!

tulip festival

This year marks the 65th annual tulip festival in Ottawa. The tulips began as a gift from the Netherlands as a thank you for keeping members of their royal family safe during world war 2. Now there are thousands and thousands of tulips in every imaginable colour in huge beds across the city. Having been the tulip sites many times, I can honestly say that I cannot remember there ever being as big a crowd as there was in 2017!

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