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Click. Print. Colour. Learn! is a growing project that aims to make exploring Canada fun. We have over 200 free colouring pictures & activities, photographs and videos of "the Great White North". From historical figures and places to sports, flowers, flags and even maps to help with homework, there is a colouring picture for every budding artist. Click on the colouring pages links on the left or go straight to the master list. Colourcanada has more detailed adult colouring pictures too! I know a lot of people don't like the winter here in Canada, but really the best thing to combat the winter blues is to get out and enjoy all that the ice and snow have to offer! Whether you skate, ski or snowboard, embracing our weather is the best way to spend the winter months.


Winter Wonderland

Webster Falls Hamilton

Even in the winter you can see lots of cool stuff if you go for a walk in the woods. These pictures are from a recent stroll on the edges of Ottawa. I love the contrast of the dead reeds and bulrushes against the snow. Even though it was cold out, we still got to see some wildlife! If you're suffering from the winter blues, consider going for a nature walk. There is something about getting outside that makes winter better!

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