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Click. Print. Colour. Learn! is a growing project that aims to make exploring Canada, Canadians and our culture fun. We have over 200 free colouring pictures & activities, photographs and videos of "the Great White North". From historical figures and places to sports, flowers, flags and even maps to help with homework, there is a colouring picture for every budding artist. Click on the colouring pages links on the left or go straight to the master list. Colourcanada has more detailed adult colouring pictures too!

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Man it has been a crazy winter right across Canada. One day it is cold and snowing, the next it is +7 and raining. Hopefully this isn't the new normal! Right around the holidays there was a perfect mix of cold and no snow and that gave us the chance to skate on the local outdoor rink. Really, this is one of the coolest parts about winter in Canada. No matter which corner of the country you live in I hope you get the chance to go for a skate at the ODR this winter! To colour this shovelling the rink scene, just click on the image!


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I'm Dave and this is In 2001 (when flash was still cool) I had the idea to build a website where you could print Canadian themed colouring pictures, each with a small description, to make learning about Canada fun. Since then colourcanada has been both a hobby and a labour of love... and at times frustration. No matter what's going on I try to make time to improve and expand the site so check back often, and if nothing has changed, check back again and again!

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East Coast Charm


I was lucky enough to get out to Newfoundland early in the new year. While the scenery is spectacular in the summer, I am willing to say that it is even better in the winter. As you drive across the island, the mountains are better defined with snow on them. Quidi Vidi absolutely pops with a little frosting, and Cape Spear is nothing short of amazing when topped with a layer of ice.