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Quebec's flagCanada's
1st Province Since 1867

Quebec is one of the original provinces, and has played an important role in Canada since the time of New France. Quebec is the only predominantly french speaking region in North America, which adds to the unique culture of the province. The capital of Quebec City is home to Carnival and the Chateau Frontenac. Montreal is world famous and played host to the 1976 Olympic Games. If you're searching for Quebec colouring pages for kids and adults alike then you have found the right place!

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Sugar Bush

The Skidoo

Space Shuttle

Quebec's Flag

Chateau Frontenac (Quebec City)

Perce Roche

Plains of Abraham

Cartier Brebeuf

Olympic Stadium (Montreal)

Blue Flag (Provincial flower)

Canoeing a River

Snowy Owl (Quebec's bird)

Montreal Canadiens

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Quebec Facts and Symbols

population statistics

Provincial Population - 1,011,800 (2002)
Population of Saskatoon - 231,800 (2002)
Population of Regina - 197,000 (2002)
Males - 501,457 (2002)
Females - 510,351 (2002)
Ages 0-14 - 211,175 (2002)
Ages 15-64 - 653,155 (2002)
Ages 65+ - 147,478 (2002)

environmental statistics

Area km2 - 651,036
Land km2 - 591,670
Fresh Water km2 - 59,366
% of Canada - 6.5%
Forest Land km2 - 288,100
Highest Point - 1,468 m
Snow Fall Regina - 107.4 cm / year
Largest Lake - Athabasca - 7,935 km2

Provincial Moto:

I remember


quebec's flag colour this

Flower: Blue Flag

quebec's flower colour this

Bird: Snowy Owl

quebec's bird colour this

Tree: Yellow Birch

quebec's tree

Coat of Arms

quebec's coat of arms
See Quebec Videos

Video of Bicycling in the Eastern Townships, Quebec - 2.3 Mb

The Eastern Townships, south-east of Montreal is a great place to take a short holiday. In the winter the area is known for ski hills and is a short distance from Vermont. In the summer months a network of cycling routes can take you to numerous vineyards and small towns with a great Quebec flare.

Video of Mackenzie King Estate, Gatineau, Quebec - 2.5 Mb

This 2.3 km2 estate near Ottawa belonged to William Lyon Mackenzie King, Canada’s 10th prime minister. He gave his estate to all Canadians in his will. It is now part of Gatineau Park in Quebec.

Video of Fall Rhapsody - Quebec - 1.6 Mb

The National Capital Commission is an agency made up of people from across Canada who are in charge of common lands around the Nation's Capital. In Gatineau Park the NCC hosts "Fall Rhapsody" celebrating the coming of fall and leaves changing colour.

Video of Le Massif - Charlevoix, Québec - 1.7 Mb

About 80 kms east of Québec City is the town of de Petite-Rivière-Saint-François and the ski resort of Le Massif. The hill rises out of the St. Lawrence River and offers up plenty of snow and excellent scenery.

Video of Parc Safari - Hemmingford, Quebec - 5.2 Mb

Parc Safari is located near Hemmingford, Quebec, just South of Montreal. The park is unique in that visitors can drive through the area and observe and feed the animals. The park also boasts a traditional zoo with lions and tigers as well as rides and water slides.

Video of Biodome - Montreal, Quebec - 2.5 Mb

In the shadow of Montreal's Olympic stadium, built for the 1976 event, is the biodome. This indoor zoo and garden holds a diverse habitat with many different animals and plant species from around the world.

Video of Quebec City - Quebec - 2.1 Mb

Quebec City is the birth place of a nation. As Canada's first "city", Quebec boasts a fantastic old quarter nestled on the shores of the St. Lawrence River. It was on the plains of Abraham, above Old Quebec where the British army defeated the French in 1759.

Video of Saguenay Region - Quebec - 1 Mb

The Saguenay Region of Quebec is located on the North Shore of the St. Lawrence River where it begins to widen out to the Atlantic Ocean. Often called "The Fjord", the beautiful Saguenay River is an unlikely home for Beluga Whales.

Video of Gaspésie - Quebec - 1 Mb

The Appellation Mountains extend across the Gaspé region of Quebec, making the peninsula perfect for hiking and outdoor activities. The region's most famous landmark is no doubt the stunning Roché Percé.