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New Brunswick

New Brunswick's flag Canada's 4th Province Since 1867

New Brunswick has a history as rich as the Maritimes themselves. The beautiful Bay of Fundy with it's world record tides and important forts dating back to the war of 1812 are some of the attractions that make this truely bilingual province a joy to visit. If you're searching for New Brunswick colouring pages for kids and adults alike then you have found the right place! If you want to know more about New Brunswick also see the photos and video pages.

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Grande Anse Lighthouse

Black Capped Chickadee

New Brunswick's Flag

Carleton Martello Tower

Hopewell Cape (Bay of Fundy)

Swallowtail Lighthouse

Hartland Covered Bridge

New Brunswick Coast

Purple Violet (Provincial flower)

Bricklin Sports Car

Ritchie Wharf, Miramichi

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population statistics

Provincial Population - 756,700 (2002)
Population of St. John - 127,000 (2002)
Males - 373,889 (2002)
Females - 382,763 (2002)
Ages 0-14 - 131,007 (2002)
Ages 15-64 - 525,633 (2002)
Ages 65+ - 100,012 (2002)

environmental statistics

Area km2 - 72,908
Land km2 - 71,450
Fresh Water km2 - 1,458
% of Canada - 0.7%
Forest Land km2 - 61,100
Highest Point - 817 m
Snow Fall Fredericton - 294.5 cm / year
Largest Lake - NA

Provincial Moto:

She restored hope


new brunswick's flag colour this

Flower: Purple Violet

new brunswick's flower colour this

Bird: Black-capped Chickadee

new brunswick's bird colour this

Tree: Balsam Fir

new brunswick's tree

Coat of Arms

new brunswick's coat of arms