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Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island's flag Canada's 7th Province Since 1873

Prince Edward Island is Canada's smallest province and the only "all" island one too. Charlottetown is famous for its part in the confederation. Likewise, potatoes, lobster and golf all hold places in the story of P.E.I.. Likely the most famous place on the island is Green Gables, the homestead of the world famous Lucy Maud Montgomery character Ann. If you're searching for PEI colouring pages for kids and adults alike then you have found the right place!

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Prince Edward Island's Flag

Confederation Bridge

Green Gables

Province House (Charlottetown)

The Red Coast

Lobster Boats (Malpeque Bay)

Lady Slipper (Provincial flower)


PEI-NS Ferry

PEI Coat of Arms

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population statistics

Provincial Population - 139,900 (2002)
Population of Charlottetown - 32,245 (2002)
Males - 68,572 (2002)
Females - 71,341 (2002)
Ages 0-14 - 26,319 (2002)
Ages 15-64 - 94,588 (2002)
Ages 65+ - 19,006 (2002)

environmental statistics

Area km2 - 5,660
Land km2 - 5,660
Fresh Water km2 - 0
% of Canada - 0.1%
Forest Land km2 - 3,000
Highest Point - 142 m
Snow Fall Charlottetown - 338.7 cm / year
Largest Lake - NA

Provincial Moto:

The small under the protection of the great


prince edward island's flag colour this

Flower: Lady Slipper

prince edward island's flower colour this

Bird: Blue Jay

prince edward island's bird

Tree: Red Oak

prince edward island's tree

Coat of Arms

prince edward island's coat of arms