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Canadian Icons

Canadian Cultural Icons and Treasures Printable Colouring (coloring) Pages

This page is dedicated to the many Canadian things that we would consider to be quintessentially Canadian. Here you will find printable colouring (coloring) pictures of things like an old wilderness airplane or the famous Snowbirds aerobatics team. While many Canadian icons are of a Provincial or Territorial nature, some have a National scope. Canada's national police for example are world famous for their tenacity and is something that all Canadians share. On this page are free colouring pictures for kids and adults of those things that help define what it means to be Canadian. If you want to colour a picture of an educational Canadian icon this is the place for you.

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Canadian Symbols

Norseman Bush Plane

Avro CF 105 Arrow

Snowbirds Aerobatics

RCMP Crest

Autumn Leaves

Hockey Scene

Canadian Geese

Traditional Lacrosse

Order of Canada Medal

Health Care Workers

Supreme Court of Canada

To make the printable stuff crisp and compatible, they are in Adobe Acrobat Format. If you need the Acrobat Reader, click on the gold icon below or ask for help.