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british columbia's flagCanada's 9th Province Since 1905

Saskatchewan is more than just wheat fields. Half the province belongs to the Precambrian Shield, with rocky outcroppings, forests and hundreds of rivers and lakes. Still, images of grain elevators and billowing wheat fields do help to define the Canadian prairies. If you're searching for Saskatchewan colouring pages for kids and adults alike then you have found the right place!

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Saskatchewan's Football Tradition

Saskatchewan's Flag

Fort Carleton

Grain Elevator



Fort Battleford

Harvesting Combine

Sharp Tailed Grouse (Provincial bird)

Western Red Lily (Provincial flower)

Batoche National Historic Site

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Saskatchewan Photos
Saskatchewan Facts and Symbols

population statistics

Provincial Population - 1,011,800 (2002)
Population of Saskatoon - 231,800 (2002)
Population of Regina - 197,000 (2002)
Males - 501,457 (2002)
Females - 510,351 (2002)
Ages 0-14 - 211,175 (2002)
Ages 15-64 - 653,155 (2002)
Ages 65+ - 147,478 (2002)

environmental statistics

Area km2 - 651,036
Land km2 - 591,670
Fresh Water km2 - 59,366
% of Canada - 6.5%
Forest Land km2 - 288,100
Highest Point - 1,468 m
Snow Fall Regina - 107.4 cm / year
Largest Lake - Athabasca - 7,935 km2

Provincial Moto:

From many peoples, strength


saskatchewan's flag colour this

Flower: Western Red Lily

saskatchewan's flower colour this

Bird: Sharp-tailed Grouse

saskatchewan's bird colour this

Tree: White Birch

saskatchewan's tree

Coat of Arms

saskatchewan's coat of arms