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Manitoba's flag Canada's 5th Province Since 1870

Stuck in the middle is a good way to describe Manitoba. It is the gateway to the west... and east. Manitoba was born from rebellion in a belief that human rights mattered. Likewise, Manitoba (maybe because of the cold winters) has given rise to some of Canada's most famous musicians, Wide Mouth Mason included. If you're searching for Manitoba colouring pages for kids and adults alike then you have found the right place! If you want to know more about Manitoba also see the photos page.

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Manitoba's Flag

The Loonie Coin

The Toonie Coin

Fort Garry

The Forks (Winnipeg)

Riel House

The Royal Canadian Mint (Winnipeg)

Beluga Whales

Prairie Crocus (Provincial flower)

Human Rights Museum

Winnipeg Jets Poster

Manitoba's Coat of Arms

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Manitoba Photos
Manitoba Facts and Symbols

population statistics

Provincial Population - 1,150,800 (2002)
Population of Winnipeg - 685,500 (2002)
Males - 570,888 (2002)
Females - 579,960 (2002)
Ages 0-14 - 235,738 (2002)
Ages 15-64 - 759,661 (2002)
Ages 65+ - 155,449 (2002)

environmental statistics

Area km2 - 647,797
Land km2 - 553,556
Fresh Water km2 - 94,241
% of Canada - 6.5%
Forest Land km2 - 262,800
Highest Point - 8,322 m
Snow Fall Winnipeg - 114.8 cm / year
Largest Lake - Winnipeg - 24,387 km2

Provincial Moto:

Manitoba does not have an official motto.


manitoba's flag colour this

Flower: Prairie Crocus

manitoba's flower

colour this

Bird: Great Gray Owl

manitoba's bird

Tree: White Spruce

manitoba's tree

Coat of Arms

manitoba's coat of arms